About the Journal

Spatial Planning & Management Science (SPMS) is a scholarly journal at the forefront of advancing research and knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of spatial planning and management. With a focus on understanding the complexities of spatial phenomena and their implications for sustainable development, SPMS serves as a vital platform for academics, practitioners, and policymakers alike.

The journal explores a diverse range of themes encompassing spatial planning, urban and regional development, transportation systems, environmental management, and land use policies. By integrating perspectives from geography, urban planning, economics, environmental science, and other related disciplines, SPMS fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and innovative approaches to addressing contemporary spatial challenges.

At the heart of SPMS is a commitment to promoting evidence-based decision-making and effective governance strategies. Articles published in the journal employ rigorous methodologies and analytical tools to investigate spatial dynamics, assess policy interventions, and inform planning practices. Whether examining the impacts of urban sprawl on ecological systems, optimizing transportation networks for efficiency and equity, or designing resilient cities in the face of climate change, SPMS showcases cutting-edge research that is both academically rigorous and practically relevant.