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J.Linkage is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research at the intersection of social communications, media studies, and popular culture. The journal provides a forum to advance knowledge on the cultural impacts of media, technology, globalization, identity, public discourse, artistic expression, and emerging communication spaces and practices.

Manuscripts submitted to J.Linkage analyze timely issues in ethics, policy, social movements, community dynamics, and interpersonal communication through critical perspectives grounded in empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks. While focused on the overarching themes of media influence, public opinion formation, and the role of popular culture in society, the journal welcomes contributions from diverse fields including media studies, sociology, political science, cultural studies, literature, arts, and more.

J.Linkage aims to stimulate rigorous academic inquiry on contemporary society while engaging broader social dialogues. The peer-reviewed journal publishes articles based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies to uphold scholarly standards. By serving as a linkage between research and practice, J.Linkage intends to inform professionals in education, policymaking, activism, creative industries, and beyond on the latest discoveries regarding social communications and popular culture.

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Vol. 1 No. 1: (February) 2024
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Published: 2024-02-29


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Although this journal is focused on the study of social communications and popular culture, it still opens and accepts contributions that come into contact with other scientific disciplines. Type of writing in the form of scientific articles based on research result. This journal was built to participate and contribute in communicating scientific developments based on the results of research and critical studies of current issues in the field of social communication and popular culture studies