About the Journal

Spatial Review for Sustainable Development (SRSD) is a pioneering open-access journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and discourse on the pivotal role of geospatial information technology in realizing sustainable development objectives. Established by the Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future (IASSSF), SRSD serves as a dynamic platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to explore, analyze, and disseminate cutting-edge research and innovations in the intersection of spatial sciences and sustainable development. This journal specifically encourages discourse regarding theoretical applications and innovations in fields related to the characteristics of a multidisciplinary approach within the scope of economic-environmental-social welfare governance for sustainable development.

At SRSD, we foster a vibrant scholarly community committed to exploring the multifaceted dimensions of sustainable development through a multidisciplinary lens. Our journal welcomes contributions that delve into theoretical frameworks, methodological advancements, empirical studies, and practical applications across diverse domains, including but not limited to environmental conservation, urban planning, resource management, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and social equity.