About the Journal

Welcome to the Peatland Agriculture and Climate Change Journal, a dynamic platform dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering dialogue on sustainable practices within peatland ecosystems amidst the challenges posed by climate change. Our journal serves as a nexus for researchers, academics, policymakers, and practitioners to delve into the intricate dynamics of peatland agriculture, environmental impact, and climate change adaptation.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Sustainable Peatland Agriculture: Delving into innovative techniques and practices that promote the sustainability of agricultural activities in peatland regions while preserving ecosystem integrity.
  2. Climate Change Impacts on Peatland Ecosystems: Investigating the multifaceted impacts of climate change on peatland ecosystems, ranging from altered hydrological patterns to shifts in vegetation dynamics.
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Peatlands: Examining the sources, mechanisms, and mitigation strategies concerning greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide and methane, originating from peatland environments.
  4. Land Use Change and Its Consequences: Assessing the ramifications of land use changes, such as deforestation, drainage, and conversion for agricultural purposes, on peatland ecosystems and their resilience to climate change.
  5. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Exploring adaptive measures and mitigation strategies to bolster the resilience of peatland agriculture in the face of climate change-induced challenges.
  6. Biodiversity Conservation in Peatland Environments: Addressing the conservation of biodiversity hotspots within peatland ecosystems and elucidating their role in ecosystem functioning and resilience.
  7. Policy and Governance in Peatland Agriculture: Analyzing policy frameworks, governance structures, and institutional arrangements aimed at promoting sustainable peatland management and mitigating adverse environmental impacts.