About the Journal

The Journal of Socio-Cultural Sustainability and Resilience (JSCSR) is a scientific journal that has a mission to enrich the study of local wisdom in Indonesia. Indonesia, the country where this journal originated, has a rich culture and unique way of life that is very important to preserve. With the existence of a forum specifically discussing this topic, everyone, regardless of their background, is encouraged to express their thoughts in writing.

JSCSR aims to be a compatible forum for valuable thoughts and writing from those who are called to write. Through writing, Indonesia's local wisdom will live, at least in discussions. Of course, the vision to be achieved is that the ideas published in this journal can provide practical benefits to people who need them.

The articles published in JSCSR discuss the dynamics of community development, socio-environmental sustainability, and cultural preservation in Indonesia. Thus, the issues that have become the focus of discussion include the following:

  • Preservation of local wisdom
  • Empowerment of indigenous/regional communities
  • Sustainable development
  • Other development issues include consideration of the local context of Indonesia's diverse communities.

JSCSR stands on a multidisciplinary foundation and provides the freedom for authors to choose an approach for studying the above issues. Scientific papers that are studied using sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and other scientific approaches will be welcomed. JSCSR is committed to enhancing scientific discussions related to social, cultural, and environmental sustainability and resilience from various perspectives.

Publication is regularly conducted in two issues per year. However, it is possible that there will be publication of additional issues if there are special topics in that year.

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Vol. 1 No. 2: (January) 2024
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