About the Journal

Islamic Perspective on Communication and Psychology (IPERCOP) is a scholarly journal seeking to bridge Islamic principles, communication theories, and psychological insights to shed new light on human behavior and wellbeing. We recognize the deep wisdom within Islamic traditions and their relevance to modern studies of interpersonal dynamics, community relationships, and mental health.

As an interdisciplinary academic publication, IPERCOP provides a platform to rigorously investigate how Islamic ethics, rituals, and community practices viewed holistically with contemporary communication mediums and psychological research can enhance functioning for Muslim communities worldwide. We welcome integrated analyses from religious studies, media theories, and behavioral sciences focused especially on pathways for improved psychological adjustment and balanced living rooted in Islamic beliefs adapted for today's media environments.

Within the scope of IPERCOP are investigations applying spiritual practices and nurturing uplifted states of awareness through Islamic channels ranging from physical spaces like mosques and schools to virtual spaces. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies that carefully map new territory in harnessing Islamic heritage and modern technologies/theories for human flourishing and societal harmony are encouraged.

By elevating these fused disciplines as complements rather intersects, IPERCOP seeks to illuminate positive paradigms benefiting both scholarly advancement and Muslim community resilience globally. We aim to nurture integrated models grounded in Islamic ethics for improved psychological health and media empowerment.