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The Environment Education and Conservation (EDUCO) Journal stands as a beacon in the realm of environmental stewardship, offering a platform where researchers, academics, and practitioners converge to disseminate their insights and innovations. Embracing an open-access philosophy, EDUCO beckons those impassioned by the preservation of our natural world to contribute their scholarly works, fostering a community dedicated to enlightenment and action.

At the heart of EDUCO lies a commitment to advancing environmental education and conservation practices. Through a diverse array of articles spanning theoretical inquiries, empirical studies, non-research narratives, case analyses, and illuminating book reviews, the journal amplifies voices that propel our understanding and implementation of sustainable solutions. Each submission undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring scholarly integrity and relevance to the overarching theme of environmental enlightenment and preservation.

EDUCO invites pioneers and practitioners alike to explore multifaceted dimensions of environmental education and conservation. From pioneering pedagogical methodologies that engage and inspire learners to empirical investigations shedding light on pressing conservation challenges, the journal serves as a nexus for exchange and collaboration. Moreover, EDUCO extends its embrace beyond academia, welcoming contributions from educators, decision-makers, and individuals at the forefront of environmental advocacy.

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Vol. 1 No. 1: (Feb) 2024
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Published: 2024-02-29


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EDUCO is an open journal for researchers, academics, and practitioners (teachers, lecturers, decision maker, etc.) who want to publish their articles and share their knowledge. This journal accepts innovative scientific articles and can contribute to environment education and conservation of natural resources. The articles that will be accepted are theoretical and empirical original research papers, non-research articles, case studies and book review that demonstrate the innovation for environment education and conservation of natural resources.