About the Journal

Waste Handling and Environmental Monitoring (WHEM) stands as a pioneering peer-reviewed journal, offered by the esteemed Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future. At its core, WHEM is dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between waste management practices and environmental stewardship. Through original research, insightful case studies, and comprehensive literature reviews, WHEM delves into the multifaceted dimensions of waste handling, while vigilantly monitoring its impact on the environment.

The journal encapsulates a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from innovative waste treatment technologies to the socioeconomic implications of waste management policies. WHEM serves as a platform for scholars, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals to engage in a meaningful discourse on waste management strategies and environmental sustainability.

With a keen eye on local, regional, and global perspectives, WHEM embraces diversity in its content, addressing challenges and solutions relevant to different geographical contexts. From urban waste management challenges in burgeoning cities to the preservation of delicate ecosystems in remote regions, WHEM navigates the complexities of waste handling with a nuanced understanding of environmental dynamics.


Waste Handling and Environmental Monitoring (WHEM) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future. This journal presents original research-based articles, case studies, and literature reviews. Relevant articles on a local, regional or global scale.