About the Journal

Strengthening Dynamic Systems: e-Government and Public Services (SDSEPS) stands alone at the forefront based on the latest innovations, bridging government scientific fields, as well as advances in information and communication technology-based public service lenses. SDSEPS functions as a beacon for academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and various related stakeholders, who address every potential transformation in the world of government and public services.

In relation to the world of government in the digital era which is marked by the complexity of globalization, SDSEPS investigates various defense and management convergences regarding transparent, fair and accountable government, by realizing the inseparable relationship between theory and practice in real life. Through a thoughtful exploration of stakeholders in the world of government, our journal explains how advances in digital electronic-based government empower us to overcome the challenges ahead.

Fixing borders, protecting copyright in the government sector, SDSEPS provides a landscape for public services that are integrated by government digitalization in the global era. From the perspective of the government which has a perception of digital public services, we reveal the important role played in maintaining and strengthening the quality of the services provided, both at the national and international levels.

Exploring into the field of public services, SDSEPS embarked on a journey to preserve and empower the legacy of information and communication technology based on globalization. With a strong focus on monitoring changes in services, the right to receive services, stakeholder responsibilities in providing services, our journal empowers stakeholders to become guardians of the quality of services provided to the community, armed with high knowledge can provide the perfect impact for all groups .

Charting the path to high sustainability at SDSEPS, we are more than chroniclers of the wonders of today's technology, we are agents of change. Through synthesis in the field of research, providing theory and practice, as well as actualization in real life, we pave the way for sustainable development in the digital realm, and ensure all the potential resulting from digitalization is renewable.

Join new discoveries with us, give way to discoveries with SDSEPS, where every possible limit will be given a new makeover, and open the horizons of the world with actualized science without having to stop for a moment. Therefore, let's together explore the potential now, in the future and in the future to create services with a focus on innovative government digitalization.