About the Journal

The Journal of Biopesticides and Agriculture Technology (JBIOGRITech) serves as a beacon in the realm of sustainable agriculture, elucidating the intricate interplay between biopesticides, biotechnology, and agriculture technology. With a global perspective, JBIOGRITech offers a comprehensive platform for disseminating cutting-edge research and innovative practices aimed at fostering environmentally friendly and economically viable agricultural systems.

At its core, JBIOGRITech delves into the realm of biopesticides, exploring their formulation, efficacy, and ecological impacts. Through rigorous scientific inquiry, the journal endeavors to unravel the potential of biopesticides in pest management while minimizing adverse effects on non-target organisms and ecosystems. Furthermore, JBIOGRITech delves into the realm of biotechnology, examining the role of genetic engineering and molecular techniques in enhancing the production and efficacy of biopesticides.

JBIOGRITech underscores the pivotal role of agriculture technology in optimizing the deployment and utilization of biopesticides. From precision agriculture to remote sensing technologies, the journal explores innovative tools and methodologies that empower farmers to make informed decisions, thereby maximizing yields while minimizing environmental footprint.

The journal also sheds light on the biochemical mechanisms underlying the action of biopesticides, unraveling the intricate pathways through which these natural compounds exert their pest-controlling properties. By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, JBIOGRITech bridges the gap between fundamental research and practical applications, facilitating the translation of scientific advancements into tangible solutions for agricultural challenges.