About the Journal

Trase Kronos: Jurnal Penelitian Sejarah (TKJPS) is a scholarly platform dedicated to exploring the intricacies of history through rigorous research and analysis. The journal serves as a conduit for academics, historians, and researchers to delve into various historical themes, shedding light on critical aspects of human civilization and societal development.

At the heart of TKJPS lies a commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of history by examining diverse themes that shape our past, present, and future. From political movements to cultural revolutions, from economic shifts to social dynamics, TKJPS embraces a wide array of historical subjects, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of humanity's journey through time.

With a focus on inclusivity and interdisciplinary collaboration, TKJPS welcomes contributions from scholars across different fields and encourages innovative approaches to historical inquiry. Through meticulous research methodologies and thoughtful analysis, contributors to TKJPS aim to uncover hidden narratives, challenge existing interpretations, and offer fresh perspectives on historical events and phenomena.