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Trend and Future of Agribusiness (TAFOA) serves as a comprehensive platform dedicated to the exploration and analysis of diverse aspects within the realm of agribusiness. With a keen focus on fostering understanding and innovation in this critical field, TAFOA delves into a myriad of topics ranging from agricultural economics, supply chain management, and sustainable practices to market trends, policy implications, and technological advancements.

At its core, TAFOA endeavors to unravel the intricate dynamics shaping modern agribusiness landscapes, offering valuable insights for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders alike. Through rigorous research, insightful commentary, and interdisciplinary perspectives, the journal seeks to address pressing challenges while uncovering new opportunities within the agribusiness sector.

Our thematic scope extends across the entire agribusiness continuum, encompassing areas such as agricultural production, agri-food processing, distribution, marketing, and agri-entrepreneurship.

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Vol. 1 No. 1: (Februari) 2024
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Published: 2024-02-29


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