About the Journal

"Green Governance: Exploring Politics, Social Justice, and the Environment" is a scholarly journal dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary research and critical analysis of the complex relationship between politics, social justice, and the environment. Our aim is to provide a platform for academics, policymakers, activists, and practitioners to contribute to the discourse on green governance and advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities in creating sustainable and just societies.


In a world grappling with pressing environmental crises and growing social inequalities, GG serves as a vital forum for interdisciplinary research and critical dialogue. Our journal delves deep into the complex dynamics shaping environmental governance, recognizing the inherent connections between ecological sustainability and social equity.


At GG, we recognize that effective governance of environmental resources requires a holistic approach that considers political structures, social dynamics, and justice imperatives. Through rigorous analysis and innovative scholarship, we seek to unravel the complexities of green governance, exploring how political decisions, institutional frameworks, and social movements intersect to shape environmental outcomes. By fostering collaboration among academics, policymakers, activists, and practitioners, GG endeavors to catalyze positive change and advance the transition towards sustainable and just societies.