About the Journal

The Communicator's Compass is a journal dedicated to exploring effective and ethical communication in all its forms. Its central theme focuses on communication as a tool for connection, understanding, and positive impact. Articles delve into diverse communication channels from interpersonal interactions to mass media, analyzing how messages shape relationships and societies.

Our thematic focus revolves around the dynamic interplay between theory and practice in communication, delving into emergent trends, cutting-edge research, and innovative methodologies that shape our understanding of human interaction. Whether investigating the intricacies of interpersonal communication, the influence of digital media on public discourse, or the dynamics of cross-cultural communication, TCC endeavors to illuminate the complexities of the communicative process.

With a keen eye toward inclusivity and diversity, TCC welcomes contributions from scholars across disciplines and embraces a range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. We strive to foster a vibrant intellectual community where ideas are exchanged, challenged, and refined, ultimately advancing the field of communication studies.

TCC welcomes empirical research as well as conceptual and applied articles that provide original insights on communication processes, effects, and interventions. The journal emphasizes ethical, thoughtful communication that brings people together, spreads truthful information, resolves conflicts, and gives voice to those in need. It is relevant for both scholars and communication practitioners seeking to understand communication dynamics and impacts in contemporary societies.