AquaScape has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. We utilize Turnitin software to check for similarities in submitted articles, permitting a maximum of 15% similarity. If plagiarism exceeding this limit is detected, the article will be sent back to the author for revision and resubmission.

Plagiarism Categories and Actions

Minor:  A brief section of another article is plagiarized without significant data or ideas being borrowed.

Action: The author receives a warning and is requested to revise the text, correctly citing the original article.


Intermediate:  Most of the paper is plagiarized without appropriate citations to the original paper.

Action: The submitted article is rejected, and the author is barred from submitting further articles for one year.


Major: Most of the paper constitutes plagiarism, involving the reproduction of original results or ideas presented in another publication.

Action: The paper is rejected, and the author is prohibited from submitting further articles for five years.

All authors are accountable for the content of their submissions, having read and understood the Copyright Notice. Should sanctions be imposed for plagiarism, all authors will face equal penalties.