About the Journal

The International Journal of Social Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability (IJSAES) stands as a beacon in the realm of academia, fostering discourse and disseminating knowledge on the intricate interplay between agriculture, environmental sustainability, and social dynamics. In an era marked by escalating environmental concerns and the pressing need for sustainable agricultural practices, IJSAES emerges as a vital platform for scholarly exchange and exploration.

Encompassing a broad spectrum of topics, IJSAES serves as a conduit for research on sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, and the multifaceted socio-economic dimensions of agricultural endeavors. It delves into the complex nexus between human activities, agricultural systems, and ecological resilience, offering invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in achieving a harmonious balance between productivity and environmental stewardship.

IJSAES prides itself on its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, providing unrestricted access to its wealth of research articles for the benefit of scholars, scientists, practitioners, and the broader public alike. By facilitating the free flow of information and ideas, the journal catalyzes interdisciplinary collaboration and empowers stakeholders to effect meaningful change in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.